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POST search_results hook doesn't work

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POST search_results hook doesn't work
I have a pre and post hook on search results...
$mgr->install_hooks('ZipCodeSearch', [['search_results', 'PRE', 'Plugins::ZipCodeSearch::search_results_hook', '']]);
$mgr->install_hooks('ZipCodeSearch', [['search_results', 'POST', 'Plugins::ZipCodeSearch::search_results_post', '']]);

In the PRE, I change query, but save the original query like this
$IN->param('orig_query', $query);
$IN->param('query', '12345 53142 60601');

Then in POST, I try to restore it so that the message on the search results page is correct and doesn't have a big long list of ZipCodes
$IN->param('query', $IN->param('orig_query'));

Doesn't work. The POST routine is not being called at all
What am I doing wrong?

I must be the only one working today as all the posts are mine.

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