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PHP Plugins..
I just want to see what plugins people would like to see ported over to PHP (i.e to be used in conjunction with page.php, and the PHP Templates)...

Any ideas are suggested....I would like to work on the ones that already exist though Wink

Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] PHP Plugins.. In reply to
Good idea!
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Re: [Andy] PHP Plugins.. In reply to
Of the existing Perl plugins, I would personally have use for the following:

Bad_Link *
Alpha_Bar **

* As I recall, the original v2.x Bad_Link plugin did not send an email to the admin like the old v1.x add-on. Has that been addressed? I know it was talked about close to a year ago...

** Not free code

The other items I can think of that do not appear to be in plugin format yet are:

- image ratings
- priority links
- featured page

The latter two are mods I put together for v1.1x (with help from others) but don't know enough about v2.x yet to tackle an upgrade comfortably.