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While i use LSQL as a CMS i still produce other pages just be hand. For a relaunch i have the idea to change the skin from time to time, maybe for spring, summer, autum und winter. Now i thought this would be really nice to use the LSQL-Engine for two things:

1. First let the machine build all my pages not only the normal used ones.
2. Set a temp directory where the whole story is build with another template while working on it.

Probably i should set up a second instance of LSQL just for producing and build it in an htacess'ed /temp/.
This would solve part two.

But now for part one.

Is there any old addon for producing an unlimited number of pages?
If not is there anyone who wants to write it for me for a given budget?

If not i have to try it for myself.

Maybe it should not be so hard while i would copy an existing function for cool/new/rated, but then with a list of pages with a template for every single page. Hmm. While i write this i see that this is just a stupid idea at all.
Producing it with LSQL makes only sense with data from a database or using less templates for many pages.


Maybe i use another table, just with the plain html for the content?
Or i can use a category for every page and pass the data to this category.

Ok. Maybe this is an idea.
And with different links.html i can enter the content to a category and pass it for different needs of design.

But before i start: Is there anything made that i can use for my needs?
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Re: [Robert] Other pages In reply to

You have a couple of options. You could use my PageCreator plugin


...or you could do it via rewrites. So something like:

RewriteRule ^p/(.+).html /cgi-bin/page.cgi?p=$1 [L]

This would run the page.cgi?p=xxx command (a way to show a template).

So if you have a template called foo.html, that would run page.cgi?t=foo

Hope that helps

Andy (mod)
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