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Old Copy of wwwThreads
Does anyone have an old copy of the free wwwThreads that I could have?

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Re: [DanDaBum] Old Copy of wwwThreads In reply to
What does that have to do with Links SQL Plugins and Globals?

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Paul: Mar 16, 2002, 1:27 AM
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Re: [Paul] Old Copy of wwwThreads In reply to
I'm sorry, I'll make myself more clear.

I want an old copy of the free wwwThreads version because wwwThreads has since been changed to UBBThreads and is now only for sale. I wanted to use the wwwThreads plugin on my site and just wondered if anyone had a copy to make this possible.

Thanks for your time!

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Re: [DanDaBum] Old Copy of wwwThreads In reply to
Hi Daniel,

Do you mean the GPL version? I believe this was discontinued around version 3.x. The Auth_WWWThreads plugin requires at least version 5.1 which I don't think is free.


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Re: [DanDaBum] Old Copy of wwwThreads In reply to
I think Alex is right, the "free" version lagged way, way behind the release version, and the more recent version was needed to use the plug in.

FWIW -- Gossamer Forum is _MUCH_ better if you are using Links SQL, (even if you aren't!) and I've switched from w3t to GF. Hopefully, the Introduction of Gossamer Community will make it an even better option!

If you really want w3t, I think my old license was the much more flexible one allowing multiple installs on the same server, and such. I'd offer it up for about half what it's going for now. I never liked UBB, and only saving grace of w3t being acquired by UBB is that GT had their program already in roll out!

GT Forum, like all the SQL based GT programs, has features built into it's core functionality that the other programs can't even add on, much less do as well. It's a newer program that benefits from the newer programming features of PERL 5, and the advanced logic that went along with that. It's not "held back" by older roots.

I much prefer having one set of program logic to deal with, especially in site design/templates areas.

I think you'll find that Gossamer Forum is the best way to add the functionality you need to your site. The install is straight forward, and it's intuitive for people to move around it.

Anyway... the answer to your original question is that the "free" version of w3t was really out dated.

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