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New Plugin? Maybe
It would be great if someone could also make a plugin that also bring in Top ten News titles from alternate news sites (CNN)

Also one that can add stock quotes.

And maybe another that generates some kind of affiliates.
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Re: [lisurfer] New Plugin? Maybe In reply to
For the news part try:

var article = null;
// -->

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javaScript" SRC="http://p.moreover.com/cgi-local/page?query=keyword&o=js&n=8">

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="Javascript">

// load global_article array with articles from category
if (article != null)

document.write ("<table width=\"100%\" border=0 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=0>");

var url;
var headline;
var src_url;
var src;
var htime;
var time;

for (var counter = 0; counter < article.length; counter++)
url = article[counter].url
headline = article[counter].headline_text;
src_url = article[counter].document_url;
src = article[counter].source;
htime = article[counter].harvest_time;
time = new Date(htime);
time.setHours(time.getHours() - (time.getTimezoneOffset() / 60 ));

document.write ("<tr>");
document.write ("<td align=left valign=top><font color=\"#0066ff\">&#149;</font></td>");
document.write ("<td align=left valign=top>");

document.write ("<a class=small href=\""+url+"\" target=\"_blank\">"+headline+"</a></td>");

document.writeln ("</tr>");

document.write ("</table>");
document.writeln("Sorry, news not available at this time. Either refresh this page or come back later. We apologize for any inconvinience.<br>");

// -->

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