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New Plug in:: The WebRing Plug for LinksSQL

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New Plug in:: The WebRing Plug for LinksSQL
The WebRing Plug for LinksSQL:
This is a paid plug in The price is $15. BUY IT NOW
It allows members to listed in your directory to join a web ring network, which will connect these sites together directly.
Here is how it works:
  1. The member elects to join the web ring by simply modifying their site details or while adding their site.
  2. The member adds the web ring code to their site.
  3. The code will allow people to jump directly to other sites within the ring, visit the ring home page, join the web ring, and search the web ring.

Administrator functions:
  1. Ability to build a list of all web ring members.
  2. Ability to control the web ring code placed on the members sites, great way for link backs to your site.
  3. Ability to assign web ring members higher ranking in the directory and search results pages.
  4. Ability to check for the code on members pages and automatically send the link owner an email if the code does not exist.

Sample code:
This site 2muslims.com :: Muslims Internet Directory
is part of The Muslims Webring.
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Note: we have hired someone to design this plug in for us, and we are reselling it, this plug in is sold AS IS with no support what so ever.


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