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New Plug In: Guestbook service

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New Plug In: Guestbook service
This is a new plug in that is meant to give users the way to offer a guestbook for free to their visitors..

Some of the features are:

- Admin functions - including validating area (if you decide you want to validate new guestbook entries), and Log viewer (to see whos posting to whos guestbook)
- Users can post "smilies" in their posts.
- Guests are able to sign the guestbook without having to sign up or log in.
- Admin can set a max number of guestbook entries per user (or set to 0, for unlimited)
- Ability to show the users last xx posts to their guestbook on their detailed page.
- The owner of the guestbook can delete entries (from their own guestbook)
- Users can turn off their Guestbook totally, in their Link record.
- CAPTCHA security image (can be turned off easily in the admin panel)
- Logs posts to the Guestbook's.
- Admin can turn on/off the ability to use BBCodes.
- Admin can turn on/off the ability to use Smilies
- User "preview" feature, so they can see how their entry is going to look, before posting it =)
- Users can show the last XX entries on their own site.

See full details here:

You can see it in action on our site.

The price is $25

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