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Needed plugins /Mods
Just wonder if anyone is working on the following plug ins:
1- editors functions improvements such as, pick up category to edit, list of links, links waiting to be validated.....
2- alphabet listing of link plug in.
3- Auto dublicate link checking upon submission, it will be pretty to have a confirmation page (where user can edit his link entries before final submssion) and will tell him if his link is already in the database.
Or if such a plug in will flag the Dublicate link for the adminstrator as dublicate.
4- Three levels of new graphics I know it is already here but there is a problems with the current one. (will generate new50.gif, new31.gif....).
5- Mylinks or portal.cgi for links NG
6- Review it Plug in (we should ask pugdog).
7- Multiple category add, where visitor can suggest his link to up to X category at the same time where X is controled by editor or admintrator.
8- Return search logo: that is really something that was neve done before. simply it is a mod/plug in that will let outer sites use your database to search and in return the searched will see the site he came from logo or link back on top of the search results page.
I think that can be done by adding <%if outer-search statement%> to the search results page, and adding hidden fields to the search html (outer-site name or logo, outer-site url) any ideas guys?
I think a lot of people can use such plug ins.
I think that is it for now


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