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Needed!!! Bad Link Plugin

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Needed!!! Bad Link Plugin
I'm currently using Pugdogs bad_link plugin but it just isn't working out.

It would be nice to have it set up like this http://www.nicecoder.com/...ad_link.php?id=44608

I need something so that you can click on Reports and it will list the bad link by name, have a link to check the site, have the option to delete the link or the report right on that page.


Bad Link Reports
Link ID URL Title Delete Link Delete Report Modify
1 http://www.mysite2.com My Site Y/N Y/N Y/N
2 so on etc etc etc etc

Currently when you click on reports you can only click on the LinkID and then have to login. Once logged in as admin you're shown a list of all links admin is set as owner. So either you have to go to Database/Link/Delete just to remove. Which gets old really fast.

Is it possible to modify Pugdogs plugin to make it work this way? I'm sure everyone would benefit from this!