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Multi language help needed.

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Multi language help needed.

We are in the process of creating a plug in that will dispaly and allow users to search multiple translations of a the the muslims holy book.

The tables are lined up in the form of: MLS_language_name
So we have multiple tables each contains certain language.

We are importing each language to the table from a text file that is encoded to display that language..
The files are lined us by chapter then verses in that chapter:
Example from the italian is:

@Al-Fâtiha (L'Aprente)
[1.1] La lode [appartiene] ad Allah 3, Signore dei mondi4,
[1.2] il Compassionevole, il Misericordioso,
[1.3] Re del Giorno del Giudizio 5.
[1.4] Te noi adoriamo e a Te chiediamo aiuto6.
[1.5] Guidaci sulla retta via7,
[1.6] la via di coloro che hai colmato di grazia8 , non di
coloro che [sono incorsi]
nella [Tua] ira , né degli sviati.
[1.7] Nella recitazione liturgica si aggiunge : "Amin".

Each Table contains two field: 1- Chapter number which is in the example above 1 and 2- Verse which is the text of the verse.

The problem is two parts..

- The files are building correctly BUT the users have to change the encoding on their browser (Encoding:language) to get the page to dispaly correctly. Take for eaxmple :
http://www.2muslims.com/...ranslations/Turkish/ which should be in turkish.

- The search is not working correctly on any language other than english, as the SQl tabvles contain the languages in an Unicode that is not recognized by the search engine.
The above italian chapter example is imported in the SQL as:

ID Chapter Verse 1 1 @Al-F⴩ha (L'Aprente) 2 1 [1.1] La lode [appartiene] ad Allah 3, Signore dei mondi4, 3 1 [1.2] il Compassionevole, il Misericordioso, 4 1 [1.3] Re del Giorno del Giudizio 5. 5 1 [1.4] Te noi adoriamo e a Te chiediamo aiuto6. 6 1 [1.5] Guidaci sulla retta via7, 7 1 [1.6] la via di coloro che hai colmato di grazia8 , non dicoloro che [sono incorsi] nella [Tua] ira , n馮bsp;degli sviati.

If anyone has a solution for this that will not require us to reimport and design all the files to import we will be willing to pay them for that.


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