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Move Links files & DB from Dev. to Live

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Move Links files & DB from Dev. to Live
    I installed and customized links files on one domain (development environment), and now, since I am done, I want to put links live (copy all files and database to another domain on the same server); so I copied all olddomain/cgibin/links/ directory to newdomain/cgibin/links directory, and copied all htmldocs (Cool, New, ...etc.) directories into the new domain, then dumped all database files into a new database name for the live domain.
Next I ran chown -cR newdomainuser links (on all files).
Now, when I type http://xxxx/...inks/admin/admin.cgi I get an blank page eventhough the file has the same premissions, also, if I type: http://xxxx/...inks/admin/setup.cgi i got prompted to enter user/pass, and when I do I get errors....
So what is the right way to move files and database of links from one domain (development environment) to a new domain (live).
what should I do in my case...
thank you in advance for your help...
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Re: [Mark2] Move Links files & DB from Dev. to Live In reply to

Have the paths and URL's changed? Has the SQL database information changed? What is different between demo and live environments?


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