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More ways to change and delete links.

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More ways to change and delete links.
For the relaunch of my site i have written some php stuff to change and delete links directly from the normal site.
Are there any others here doing this way? Maybe we could change some code so we dont have to do it all on our own.
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Re: [Robert] More ways to change and delete links. In reply to
I don't really need any of your stuff, as I don't personally run a directory. I do however have a deletion script that can be run via SSH to get rid of pre-defined 'bad' status code, returned by nph-verify.cgi. If you are interested, let me know, and I'll send you the URL to the thread.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] More ways to change and delete links. In reply to
Thank you. What´s the effort than running verify from the command line?
What im doing is stuff for daily use, everytime i look in my own directory i found some links to kill or change, then i must start the admin, remember the ID and kill it, now i can do this with one click from the site, with two clicks i can update.

What im looking for for example is someone who works with different tables, i have a lot of them, but im too poor in perl to connect them as i want. So all the stuff is coded now in php and i have now a new admin with much more features than the orginal. :-)

See some parts here: