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Miss "reply" in GT:MAIL:SEND

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Miss "reply" in GT:MAIL:SEND
On my Links users could answer to Contact_Email via a form; every mail is send then from my admin mailaddress to Contact_Email without showing any mailaddress to the user. The problem now is that a lot of users press <reply> in their mailadress and i got the message.
For every mailheader exists next to: to, from ... the value replay.
So i can send a mail with admin@lalala.com, but give as reply address stuff@lalala.com.

I ahve tried to pass a value as replay to GT:Mail:Send, but i wont do anything.
I have searched the send.pm and dont find anything for reply.

May have someone an idea how to fix that.

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Re: [Robert] Miss "reply" in GT:MAIL:SEND In reply to
My scripts insert a reply to field, and it used to work! I'll have to check my bounced mail file (on my other machine) to see if it's still working. If not, that might explain some things.

I did a quick search on alex's messages about mail headers, and it seems awhile back he tighted up some code, and was stripping out some header stuff... maybe this got caught in that.

I tried following the code, but couldn't see where the program specifically strips out any header information, except for the "key" fields used to control the message and sending.

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Re: [pugdog] Miss "reply" in GT:MAIL:SEND In reply to
Hi Robert (again),
i have watched your code within the both PlugIns and see that you use the reply in one of them, but i cant get the things to work with 2.11.
I will read my Sendmail-Book (OReilly) once again to find the right code for the mailserver; with this information i should fix it.

Hope you come back to smile soon ;-(

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Re: [Robert] Miss "reply" in GT:MAIL:SEND In reply to
Found it:

GT::Mail->send (
smtp => $CFG->{db_smtp_server},
sendmail => $CFG->{db_mail_path},
from => $from,
'Reply-To' => $reply,
subject => $subject,
to => $to,
msg => $msg,
debug => $Links::DEBUG
) or die "Unable to send mail: $GT::Mail::error";