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Minor mistake.
I mentioned this a while back but can't find the thread...nevermind.

Anyway, when you create a plugin the wizard forgets to insert Plugins:: infront of the error method giving another error should your plugin crap out.

eg...the wizard inserts:


...when it should be:


It can't inherit properly from GT::Base without Plugins:: so you have go through the code adding Plugins:: everywhere....particuarly annoying if you have about 15 templates to extract like with the mylinks plugin :)

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Paul: Apr 13, 2002, 4:33 AM
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Re: [Paul] Minor mistake. In reply to
Yeah....your telling me it was annoying...spent a good few hours working that out ;)

Andy (mod)
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Re: [Paul] Minor mistake. In reply to
Ouch! That explains a lot! I had fixed a few things in the code of the last two plug ins, but never realized it was a pattern of omission.

Could bang my head on the wall a few more times for that one.

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Re: [pugdog] Minor mistake. In reply to
This still isn't fixed in 2.1.1
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Re: [Paul] Minor mistake. In reply to
Oh and neither is the bug in the wizard so when you choose to add a new file to your plugin and add some code into the textarea as the body of your file, you just end up with a blank file.