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May be a Plug in may be not :)

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May be a Plug in may be not :)
Hello there

The new link features for editors are way more advanced than the links SQL 1.X.
But I think one big part is missing how does the editor apply (or pick up) a specific category without going through e-mailing me?

I will think that there will be a way to add an editors application form where the user can apply to become an editor to a specific category.
or we might alter the user sign up form where the user can elect to become an editor on no (a yes or no pull down menu for do you want to become an editor) and if yes he/she can select a category (the same way with add link html)

I think This is good idea for a lot of links users although I have no idea how to do it :)

Anyone can offer some hwlp or advice?


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Post May be a Plug in may be not :) katabd 2145 Feb 23, 2001, 10:14 PM