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List Link when >= Date

I use Links SQL 2.1.2 on http://www.LaufSuche.de .

In add to my Database a Field wich called "Termin" an TEXT Field.

Now LinksSql should be list the Link only when "Termin" >= Current Date .

In the Moment I will switsh the Field "isValidated" to "NO" but then the Owner

of this Link cant see this Link in his Administration after I do this.

Can anyone Help me - an sorry for my bad English.

Greetz from Germany

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Re: [qix] List Link when >= Date In reply to
I think you are hitting a date format problem.

Without knowing the details, I *think* you would need to edit the admin scripts to set your termin field equal to the add_date, or to the current date. Once in that format, it should pass the date tests ok.

There is some legacy code/logic in Links, especially with the dates and new/pop flags, that *really* needs to be modernized in the next release (the handling of those fields is hard coded, and special, and either needs to be completely altered, or set up as configuration fields accessible in the admin).

But, you may also have to add a line to the Site:::HTML::display::link routine to handle the new date field.

Again, without knowing the details, it's hard to give a good answer.

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