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Links SQL 2.1.2
Ok here is what I want to know, Is there a way to basically select all new links submitted and hit one button which will enter them to the database so they are now real links. that are searchable

instead of checking them and look at them and validating them and all that other non sense. I have like 2000 links that are new and I dont know how to get them put into the database at one time. There are a lot of spam there to but that can be trashed later .. I just want to insert the ones that are working and have been validated at one time with out doing it one at a time.
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Re: [QT!] Links SQL 2.1.2 In reply to
...wrong forum, this is Links2, non-SQL...

aka PerlFlunkie
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Re: [QT!] Links SQL 2.1.2 In reply to
Moved your thread for you :)

I'm not quite sure why you would want to not validate new links. You could do this in Database > MySQLMonitor;

UPDATE lsql_Links SET isValidated = 'Yes' WHERE isValidated = 'No'

This will change the status of ALL non-validated links, to "Validated" (i.e show up in your site).

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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