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LinksSQL failed to import categories with pointers (@) from Links2.0

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LinksSQL failed to import categories with pointers (@) from Links2.0
I have thousands of categories thta poin to other categories via the use of @ in LINKS2 database (category that is marked with @ at the end of its name, and in its "Description" field in Links2 there is the /path/to/the/actula/category in the site).
When I imported from LINKS2 to LINKSSQL 3.3.0, any category with a pointer (@) (not to be mixed with related category), is failed to import correctly as show below:

Category Pointer Name:
News Agencies@

Pointer Category is located in:
Home > North America > Canada > British Columbia

Actual Category is located at:
Home > North America > Canada > National Media

Pointer (@) Specified in Description field:

Shows After Import to LINKS SQL:
(it seems it uses current location instead of specified location and note the _ after News_Agencies???)

But the Actula Location of Category is:

Is there something that I can do to fix this problem and have the categories with pointer point correctly into the actual categories (without showing the path to the categories in their descriptions)?

Thank you in advance...

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Mark2: Dec 11, 2009, 7:01 AM