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LinksSQL 2.4 - w/ SPIDER Plugin SET-UP Needed

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LinksSQL 2.4 - w/ SPIDER Plugin SET-UP Needed
I have a need for some pre-launch fine tuning of an exciting web site with LINKS SQL Version: 2.0.4 already installed, and 95% set-up.
There are a few Plug-ins installed, however SPIDER is giving me headaches. I will pay someone who knows how to get this spider puppy to bark.

Installed Plugins

Adcycle 2.8 By Mel
Bad_Link 2.1.0 By PUGDOGŪ Enterprises, Inc.
Days_Old 1.0 By Robert Blackstone and lparry
Spider 2.1 Gossamer Threads Inc.

This job requires a professional who has verifiable hands on expierence with successfully setting up deploying the SPIDER 2.1 Plug-in. This person must be at least 21 years of age due to the mature theme of this project.

There is also a need to proof our work in the area of templates, and smooth site feature functions.

This is a paid freelance job. Please contact me for site details to enable you to provide us with a reasonable quote

Thank You,
Len Harrison
Phone: 775-852-8600

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Re: LinksSQL 2.4 - w/ SPIDER Plugin SET-UP Needed In reply to
No need for duplicate Thread...and someone already responded to your original Thread in the Custom Jobs forum.


Eliot Lee Wink