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LinksSQL + Shopping cart

This is a presales question but as it is really about the shopping cart plugin I hope this is the right place.

Someone has asked me to develop an online shop for them. I would like to use GT products but LinksSQL with the shopping cart works out a lot more expensive than Actinic Catalogue which has specifically been developed for this (I thought the GT prices were in Canadian dollars until I just checked). The customer also doesn't have a SQL database as standard on their hosting package so this would be another big expense (they are quite happy with their host). I'm not sure how I can persuade them to spend the extra money. Is there anyone using the shopping cart who also has experience of Actinic? (Or any comments about Actinic Catalogue generally).

Also they don't want an online order processor like paypal as they already have a machine to process the credit card payments which works out cheaper. As far as I can see, Actinic has a java based encryption built in which means that they don't need a secure page to process the order. Does anyone have any suggestions to get round this with the shopping cart (a secure page is another ongoing charge with their host)?

I'd appreciate any feedback of the shopping cart - you can pm me. Particularly, anyone in the UK doing international deliveries - it looks to me like I would need to do some work to have UK (delivery cost + VAT), EU (different delivery cost + VAT) and then international (another delivery cost no VAT) as three different options? Any other problems you have encountered or things that you wish the software did? Is it possible to track the stock using this plugin - i.e. have a count of products in the database and the plugin adjusts this for purchases?

Thanks, Laura.

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afinlr: Jul 18, 2003, 9:26 AM
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One comment: If you are not using MySQL or another relational back end, that means the product has to have a built-in database, which is another source of error, bugs, and delays for new features. By using a 3rd party relational back end, like MySQL, the developers are free to concentrate on the application, not the low-level housekeeping.

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