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Just an idea - maybe
What do others think of the possibility of any links sql owners who want to participate having a maasive web ring. It appears to me we all have our 'themes' and cover an awful lot of territory. Simply, may enhance our collective abilities and keep things 'in-house' a bit.

Any thoughts on this?
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Re: [Gypsypup] Just an idea - maybe In reply to

I think on the one hand it sounds very interesting to me and there are certainly advantages.

On the other hand it would be easier for competitors to find out about your own techniques ...

I think if there was a real demand for it there might be a little more content at:



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Thanks In reply to
Thanks for the reply Niko - appreciated.

Maybe you are quite right in what you say. Maybe I am expecting too much - or something, I do not know. All I was looking at was the commercial reality of such a thing. If that is a failure on my part then I plead guilty as charged....

I feel that is anyone wanted a decent portal they would end up at GT anyway, and would get to see others work and methods. These are in the forum for all to see.

Everyone starts off with a dream - to achieve something. No doubt Alex did when he started GT - and is on his way to achieve that. We all have a dream to achieve in our field. My simple view is that collective is far better than isolationist beliefs.

Again, maybe you are right - however this thread is for those who perhaps see that point and might give it some thought. I feel the major search engines have had it their own way far too long, and something CAN be done about it.

I will tell why I built my site. At the moment I am going through a massive dogfight in the Courts over the custody of my son - Matthew. The details are not important. I had to, in less than a year, be in a position to convince the Courts that I was able to to take care of him full time. This required a residual income, and the web was the best way to do it. Let others and software achieve it for you. I decided all that in January, and about April I changed tack and decided huge was the way to go. I have now achieved that residual income in under seven months. Normally I worked as an Electrician - working 6 days a week. I love my little man very much, and will pull out all stoppers to not allow him to come to harm - which is what I feel will happen if the Mother gets him. He will be out of Australia - gone forever and no chance of getting him back. I will not allow that.

I have used every resource possible to achieve that, my learning curve was vertical. At times short tempered and all that goes with it.

my son is at www.chois-choice.com/matty.gif

If you have a dream it can be achieved - it is simply a matter of putting past ideas and other peoples thoughts, your own limitations, and anything negative behind you and getting on with it.

Thanks all for the time to read this thread.

Regards from Australia.

- and Summer is coming - you beauty....
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Re: [Gypsypup] Thanks In reply to
Hi Paul,

I am really impressed by your answer ... and I guess you are right with your comment and talking about visions and chances there is really much that can be done and even more when you are talking about all the users of LinsSQL not. Some projects could be partnered worldwide maybe there should be another Category with Cooperation and Business Partners in this forum. Basically I like the idea of some interlinkssqlish link exchange program and it would help improving the by all loved page rank at Googles Inn. Just one small Textlink: another member of the community: http://www.chois-choice.com .

Anyway maybe there are some more users who have pros and cons and independantly from this I wish you good luck with your new business and your nice son.