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Integration with Invision member database

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Integration with Invision member database
We have several client sites established on Invision Power Board. We have long been admiring fans of GT's flagship, and catalytic, product: Links SQL.

We have searched high and low for a link/directory system with the power of GT Links SQL that will integrate with our clients' Invision Power Board (IPB) environments... to no avail.

IPB is PHP/MySQL/Postgres/MSSQL based-system and we desperately are interested in seeing an AUTH_INVISION module/plugin to allow us to integrate GT Links SQL with the IPB membership system.

Are there any plans to create such a mod or plugin? We would be willing to purchase Links SQL, but this is pretty much the only significant hurdle. Of course, the cost of GT Links SQL is a bit on the high side, but given it's excellent feature set... we're confident in recommending it to our clients.