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Improved / Avanced Search Logger

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Improved / Avanced Search Logger
The original announcement was here:

This is an update with a few minor bug/quirk fixes, and some added documentation.

This release will also reject and return an error if someone tries to seach with "*"

It works with 3.0x, but is not CSS compliant.

It should work with 2.x, and just copying the SearchLogger.pm over should be enough.

An extra field was added to the SearchLogDaily table, but right now it's not used, and the plugin doesn't upgrade an existing table, so no need to re-run the install.

The admin features are still lacking, but that will be addressed in the next release.

This adds options and features unavailable in the built-in version, such as DAILY keyword tracking, and with the new field, it will allow you to set the time frame.

In the next release, you will have the option of tracking a 24 (or other) hour rolling window, rather than a calendar day. You will also have the option to keep a full history, a n-Day history, or limit it to only the current 'window' which is probably good for busy sites with loads varying queries.

Better support for IP and Username tracking of duplicate searches for the same terms -- this should get rid of a reported bug/quirk that happens with page spanning in 2.x (not sure if it still does with 3.x).

The SearchLog table will still keep a cumulative total, of all searches, similar to the built-in logger.

We'll be adding this to the downloads area at http://ultranerds.com and maybe to the plugin download area.

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Re: [pugdog] Improved / Avanced Search Logger In reply to
How about some span pages like build-in logger has so we can browse through all logs.



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