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Images in LinksSQL
Hi, All.

Is it possible to tie a certain image with a certain link in LinksSQL? To say simply - is it possible to store with links also pictures? May be it is possible to add field BLOB Image in table Links ?

What do you think? In general, i'd like to have product like LinksSQL but it would be ImageSLQ Wink - i mean i need a tool like LiksSQL for management DB of images...

Thank you!

Anton Permyakov.
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Re: [Anton_P] Images in LinksSQL In reply to
Its entierly possible...I know there are a few sites that do this already. Its just a case of adding a new field, say ImageURL, and then in link.html, using something like;

<%if ImageURL%><img src=<%ImageURL%><%endif%>


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Anton_P] Images in LinksSQL In reply to

What sort of database?

I'm picking up where I had left off on the images system, and trying to make it work with 2.1.1.

I know Alex has some code in the various programs he has, and I'd really like to link it to that code, but I haven't gotten an answer from him on that. A lot of this is going to be used in the Gossamer COmmunity, i'm sure, and that isn't at a release point yet.

The management system I have handles multiple attachements to a link, tries to keep things "sane" meaning that each attachment can be approved/disapproved visible/not-visible as well as the Link itself. The system tries also to remember "state" on the link, so that "odd" cases don't have to go through the reapproval process.

It made thumbnails within a user specified size (using netpbm, not ImageMagick), and could dress them up with borders, drop shadows, etc.

I had it working 90% with Links 2.0, before being hit with the stuff from the past year. Our final showdown looks to be July 10th, now, and I'm working hard to keep busy and my mind off all the stuff.

The parts I didn't have working were:

1) edit/replace of files -- there was some confusion at times what was trying to be updated
2) "walking" the directory -- ie: making the database from the disk layout
3) diaster recovery -- similar to #2, but with that many attachments, some sort of recovery had to be available.

I'm sure there were some other little parts not working, but I can't remember now.

My development on it has been slowed because I can't get netpbm to compile on the new machine. It keeps balking at the jpeg routines.

If there is interest, I'd be willing to take a paid job to get it done. IF there are several people who need this sort of thing, costs could be shared, depending on the number of sites that want it, and how much time it will look like it takes to do (I'll know that in a day or two). I owe a few people this plugin, and I really want to get it done, but -- as so often said here by others -- it comes down to the support ($$) of the community how fast it can happen. The more support, the faster it will happen.

I had to make a change in my planned development -- I had said I was going to set up a Printables site, to showcase the plugins, but I will now be setting up


Which will be a modified auction/reverse-auction site for SWAPS only -- non-commercial. The logic and software would be applicable to things such as trading cards, beads, collectibles, etc. where people want to trade their extras or unwanteds for someone elses extras and unwanteds.

There is _NO_ cash register (commerce system) since the whole point is NON-COMMERCIAL use, and each party pays the costs to ship their items to the other -- the way the various internet swaps work.

You'll be able to list the estimated value of the lot, the value of the stuff you want in exchange -- or the specifics of what you want in exchange, also regional shipping or international, etc.

Multiple images need to be able to be attached, since some lots will have several different items in them.

I hope to integrate Ian's plugin for editors, so that a good audit trail exists. This sort of site needs lot's of helpers, and you want to make sure everyone is playing fair.

Again, this is NOT an auction system, there are no bids, no money, nothing like that. It's designed for all the people left out of the auction systems, who have hobbies, and want to TRADE or SWAP not buy and sell.

I'm sure as it grows, other features for safety and security will be added, but basically it's a means to hook people up -- not keep them apart -- the way the auction systems are designed now adays.

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