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I've finally named the plugin, or rather the OEM product, and secured the domain name.

The site is not live yet, but will be when the stuff propogates. I will have the most current demo version running on that site, with full feature lists, and such. It will most likely be the only product I develop/support from now on.

*EVERYTHING* will fit in, or plug in, or otherwise revolve around this one mega-OEM type program.

Look for it to be "live" in about 10 days to 2 weeks, after I get CreepyCards.com back on-line.

I will combine my previously released plugins into one "User Tools" program, and will provide a "free" version and a commercial version of the tools program. I will add all my code fragments, little fixes, globals, etc into one managed package. I need this to work with my ImageSQL program, and will have to be installed before ImageSQL can install and run. It will of course be included with ImageSQL.

I am also working on a Classifieds program, which will probably be the same package as the Image/Gallery program. As a classifieds, it will do real estate, general selling, and dating/personals (most likely). These will be mainly template sets, and database structure parameters selected during install. As of now, you will be able to select one of the available configurations Image/Gallery, Classifieds, Personals, Real Estate during install, and the program will choose it's setup options based on that. *ONLY* Image/Gallery and Classifieds are being worked on now, but once finished, the addition of other "program sets" should be a matter of developing the database structure, templates, and perhaps an extra script or two for specific options.

Core functionality is being built into the Image/Gallery, and as the kinks are worked out, it will be modularized to deal with any sort of data-type, not just images. Because of the base logic, it should be fairly easy to expand functionality. The limiting factor is how large you want the Links table to get. (Actually, if I manage to get the arbitrary tables thing working, you could run all different program flavors off of one install -- image/gallery, classifieds, personals, shopping cart and probably even a "links" directory.)

There is a lot of cross over between the various types of listings, with only minor functional variations from a coding point of view. It makes sense to develop the different topography (database, templates, interface) on top of the basic image/gallery functionality which is layered on top of the GT SQL engine.

Since my sites have to be production sites, and PugDocs.com will be a documentation, reference site, the development/demo site will now be at ImageSQL.com. Likewise, there will be demo versions of the other flavors of the program running under other domain names -- SQLClassifieds.com, SQLPersonals.com, ListingsSQL.com. These sites, or similar, will be brought live as the program progresses. (I have about 500 "links" related domain names, so I'm not at a loss to find one.... <G>).

There is over 3 years of planning in this, plus a lot of specific design work with Links SQL, so with a little luck, it will live up to all the expectations I have for it!

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