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IP Block Plugins
Hi, It's another plugin from my "collections". This plugin sounds ridiculous but I hope that it may be useful for some sites because there are many abuse on the intenet today. The main function of this one is to log the IP of each requests to each pages of glinks like add.cgi, page.cgi, search.cgi, etc. In each specific period, if the count is reached to the 'maxcount', the request is banned. Its settings: block type : per day, per week or per month. Per day is reccommended. testip : Just those testips is affected maxcount : The number of pages to be allowed to view whitelist : The IPs won't be checked. It also supports the CIDR format blacklist : The IPs is always banned auto add to blacklist : If set, the IP will be added to the blacklist automatically Price: US$100 The 'about' page shows how to setup. It can be downloaded here.



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