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IMPORTANT:Show of hands needed for LSQL attach mod

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IMPORTANT:Show of hands needed for LSQL attach mod
I posted a note in the Customzations forum : http://gossamer-threads.com/p/150387 for how many people would like a lite version of the program. Features are posted in the message.

You can also discuss this more detailed at http://linksql.com/forum

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Re: IMPORTANT:Show of hands needed for LSQL attach mod In reply to

Response for a 'lite' version was underwhelming. :)

I've added a cool little feature (at least I like it!) for multiple uploads mainly, and also for edits to the the attachments (name, keys, etc).

Because the templates do all the work, if you let them, you can do some really neat things :) And, if _YOU_ don't like them, you can change them, simply by changing the templates. I love this stuff!!

In order to get the "pro" version out the door ASAP, I'm going to disable a few of the user features for this first release:

1) files uploaded must be unique for each link -- no overwrite, replace, or delete, Only the admin can do that via ftp.

2) users must of course be logged in to upload files. Disabling the checks for logged in users will cause too many bugs that will delay release of this. I'll add that in for the next release.

3) limited (very) admin features, since they are tied to the ability to overwrite/replace files.

What this _will_ do:

1) Allow uploads to be attached to a link.
2) will try to figure out if the attachment is a graphic, and if so, process it, thumbnail it, and insert the sizes into the record.
3) Will pick up an "admin" status on a user, and allow them to edit/validate records. This will be greatly expanded, once the overwrite/replace features are added back in.
4) Basically, if you've been waiting for this, it will let you get started.

It _IS_ beta software.
It _IS_ unfinished.
It _SHOULD_NOT_ do damage to your system.
It _SHOULD_NOT_ install without problems or fiddling :)
It _WILL_ drive you crazy as you try to figure out how it all fits together, but I can't help that :)
It _SHOULD_ be as simple to install and get "running" as installing the plugin, and adding a single line to your add_success.html and modify.html templates. From then on, you have a lot of customization of the templates to make them look how you want them too.

and, the biggest "It _SHOULD_"....

It _SHOULD_ be released before I go see the pirates lose again on Friday. :)

If you order it, I'll send it out before dinner on Friday, and let you play with it, and I'll start fielding questions in my development forum as soon as I get home, which could be pretty quickly if they are playing up to their usual standards.

Setting up a demo is problematic, since I don't like public uploads to my servers. A demo might have to wait until I get a real site up and working, and then you can see how it works from that.

PUGDOGŪ Enterprises, Inc.