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How to import from dmoz?
Could somone direct me to some documentation on how exactly to import from dmoz starting from the basics?

I have no idea how to do this. I have a dedicated server, and root. Have the plugin "very poor documentation, it seems to assume you know already". Cannot find anything in searching the forums that I can understand.

OK I have the file content.rdf.u8

Now what? How do I make it extract the catagory:

And then how, exactly, do I put it into my directory? Do I run something else, like do_dump.cgi? What parameters?
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Re: [Palehorse777] How to import from dmoz? In reply to
OK I have partly figured this out. The permissions on the .cgi files where not set by the plugin install.

I have got it to import some catagories, but no links, just catagories.

Any ideas?
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Re: [Palehorse777] How to import from dmoz? In reply to
Is this with my DMOZ_Wizard plugin? If so, then dmoz_cron.cgi doesn't need to be CHMOD 755, as it never needs to be run via the browser. You just need to run it via SSH with;

perl dmoz_cron.cgi > log.txt &


Andy (mod)
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