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How to customize LinkSQL 2.1.2

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How to customize LinkSQL 2.1.2
Hi, want to know if LinkSQL's new version is been planned to allow wizard like setup for customize LinkSQL for different purpose... like I am look for internal database of movies with rating... so no external links are needed & should be like http://.html instead of external link. Something thats done in sites like...



... let me know if their is any document to do it yourself or any thread that helps with it as I am not expert with perl or database modification.

Also by the way Mint templete clicking on "Read Review" next to link would not show up anything which is at like... http://www.domain.com/...in/review.cgi?ID=103 I think it is a minor bug & it could be missing it review templete....

thanks a lot!
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Re: [nice010] How to customize LinkSQL 2.1.2 In reply to

This is already built in (in fact hotscripts uses Links SQL). Simply go to Setup->Build Options and turn on detailed pages.


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