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How to Use fields from NEW Table??

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How to Use fields from NEW Table??
I've created my own table car_clients and the def files for it and sync'ed them using LinksSQL, and after I added it to the table name to the menu file, now I see the table as part of the options on the left (after few other changes).

The car_clients table has:

client_id = Index
client_name = Primary
then many other reqular fields...

Now, I want to pull the 'client_name' from the new table and show it in the Add Link and Edit Link forms in the admin.
The field should be a pull-down menu with pre-populate values from the car_clients table.

Any idea? and thank you in advance...
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Re: [Mark2] How to Use fields from NEW Table?? In reply to
Hi Mark,

Sorry for late responding on this. We have worked with plugin a little bit in the admin area. With the first version of the Admin_AddForm pluign, you can change a little bit for your needs.

Please PM me the details like defs files and other requirements but I am afraid of there is a small charge for the additional functions on this plugin

All the best,



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