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How NOT to use jump.cgi ?

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How NOT to use jump.cgi ?
I purchased LinksSQL 3 days ago and would like to use static instead of dynamic pages.
I would like outgoing URLs not to use "jump.cgi". The outgoing URL should be http://www.outgoingurl.com and NOT http://www.domain.com/cgi-bin/jump.cgi?ID=

I know the detailed pages feature, but it is also using jump.cgi, I also know the .htaccess possibilities.

What's the best way to go 100% static, I don't want to use jump.cgi at all.
This is a big problem because dynamic pages are like poison for search engines, didn't the programers include a static feature for outgoing links or maybe I am not seeing it?

Right now I am not that happy with this purchase because of the missing static functions.

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TomWeb: Jan 29, 2004, 10:39 AM
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Re: [TomWeb] How NOT to use jump.cgi ? In reply to
You need to edit link.html (and detailed.html if using it). just replace;




BTW.. you posted in the GForum forum, so I've moved your thread for you ;)

Hope that helps


Andy (mod)
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Re: [TomWeb] How NOT to use jump.cgi ? In reply to

Using static pages has problems, and FTR (For The Record), dynamic pages are NOT poison to search engines -- certain constructs are, and there have been a lot of discussions about "search engine friendly" in this forum.

You should search on that.

Static pages will not count hits, or track other things. It allows harveters to get to your database simply and easily.

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