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Hits Site on HomePage
Hi, I want show on my HomePage a list site by Hits
Like this listing

65 site1
34 site2
22 site3
15 site4
10 site5
How I can do it?
Thanks in advance
Bye From Italy

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Re: Hits Site on HomePage In reply to
Is this like a top-10 list?

I have not ported any of my top-10 codes over to Links 2.0x, but I think I might, now that I understand how to use the functions much better. These won't be "plugins" per se, since they are best used as callable functions in the template, you would have to add the routine to the Utils.pm file. I like that better, since it's not a "hash" like the globals.txt file is.

Hey! <G> What about I create a file of the routines, called PUGDOG.PM that you just upload to
your plugins directory :)

I could stuff all my freebie utils there, and then you could always get the current version by just downloading and installing it.

Many of these functions don't warrant a plugin, that adds overhead, but they could be available as a template function, in a separately loadable module file.

I could add in the updated DaysOld, Rate_Image, etc and then just distribute that.

I do need to fix my top-10 lists, most were searches, but once the frame work is in place, the list could be anything, actually, you wanted it to be. Just alter the SQL Qquery and the display template.

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