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GoCart version and future updates

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GoCart version and future updates
I can't tell from the plugin list what is the current version of GoCart. The version I have installed is 1.1.0 according to my plugin manager. Has there been further development on this? If so, are updates free? If not, are there plans for future enhancements? My client is looking to add a shipping charge calculator with UPS integration and the option to choose an expedited service. This is currently not possible.


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Re: [kthull] GoCart version and future updates In reply to

I'd like to see a new version too Angelic Just having a look, we are using 1.1.0 too (and if I remember correctly, thats been there for a good 3-4 years, probably longer)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] GoCart version and future updates In reply to
I guess mines the latest

its version 1.2.50923

and i'm not kidding...lol