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GoCart Idea for Multiple Merchants use

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GoCart Idea for Multiple Merchants use
Product attributes could include merchant code, so you can be a front end store to multiple merchants and credit the merchant account accordingly without having to receive any money.
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Re: [jaltuve] GoCart Idea for Multiple Merchants use In reply to
I've thought about this, for similar use (mostly department, or referral), but I have not gotten a recent copy of GoCart to see how this fits into the release version.

Aki has the system set up to work in one narrow way, and that's fine. It's what 90% or more of users will really need or want, and the support will be terrible enough with just that :)

I have been working on expanding the beta into using arbitrary tables (so that you can attach different data to links, so each link can be a different product, with different fields) so that the Link record has only the main 'quick' data, but detailed field information is stored in an attached table. For instance, a sweater and a pen each have different characteristics which don't need to clutter the LInk record, but they do share others -- a title, price, etc.

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Re: [pugdog] GoCart Idea for Multiple Merchants use In reply to
I'd be interested in a Multi-merchant system.

There are two ways that a multi-merchant system can work:

1. Mall system such that you have many stores under one roof - clunky for customers - they have to make a purchase at each store if they want a variety of items.

2. Single store, but with many suppliers - the suppliers are transparent to the customers - there is no contact except for the supplier to fill orders - this permits a single purchase to involve any number of suppliers all under one business name. What has to happen is to have each ordered item have its own "orderline" number and split out the ordered items to the respective suppliers.

For example, if Customer A orders 2 items....one from Supplier X and another from Supplier Y, then when those suppliers log in, they will see only their respective parts of the order to fill. They will not know what else was ordered.

The various suppliers would also be able to pull up reports for what they are owed, their shipping, any tax, etc.

All transactions go through the home merchant account, and the customer's experience is very smooth.

An area of complexity is accommodating all of the shipping and tax rates. In addition, some suppliers will use A, B, C methods to ship, while other suppliers might use A, B, and D. So, one trick is how to present only the available methods of shipping to the customers.

This is what I would be interested in. Smile

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Re: [DogTags] GoCart Idea for Multiple Merchants use In reply to
For the time being, I'm going to refer you to this post: