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GT::CGI problems
I get
'INVALIDDATE' => 'Date \'%s\' is not a valid date format.',
'INVALIDCOOKIE' => 'Invalid cookie passed to header: %s'
errors, when I try to upload a file.

I used CGI.pm earlier. Now I MUST upgrade to GT::CGI (because of CGI.pm & GT::CGI incompatibilities).
Unfortunately I get further errors as I fixed one. Frown
Earlier worked everything fine with CGI.pm.

The INVALIDCOOKIE error may be caused because I still use CGI::Cookie for cookie handling.
The INVALIDDATE also seems to be caused by the missing GT::CGI::Cookie usage.
Why is so incompatible GT::CGI with CGI.pm? Unsure

I also miss the upload('param') function from GT::CGI. It made possible to get a filehandle without the need to input the full path for the function. It just needed the parameter name, and nothing else... Unsure

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