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First steps ...
Hi all,

now i finally installed the 2.0 in my intranet (and a clean one to the net to get the plugins, seems not very comfortable if things are not installed on a connected server).

I take a look at the plugins, and it seems not too hard, if things should be done that could be done with a normal additional script.

My normal mods for 1.13 have most time the following parts:

- new templates
- new subs for build.cgi
- new subs for html_template.pm
- only new links or new subs to admin.cgi (and admin_template.pm)
- sometimes a new script

My english is still not the best and i dont have understand now
how and where i could hook my new functions to the files i need.

I imagine the things could be done in this case and hope im right or you could correct my imagination.

I do a file with all my subs in it and gave them a hook-variable so they have a name.
Then i must tell the installer to add somekind as an include to the normal linksfiles.

Its the same than using include in the templates, isnīt it so?

I make a new include:
inc_test.txt and inside a template i do include inc_text.txt

Ok, so far.

but for this i must say the normal scripts the same things:
i must have in html_templates something like USE sub from file or use the file.

Hmm, makes sense to me.
Are im on the right way?

How does perl the things?
If i say use file xyz; then perl includes the whole file when called or takes only the sub thatīs called?