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Fatal Error after deleting some columns

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Fatal Error after deleting some columns
I deleted the Expiry date columns in my Links 2.2 because I di not need those columns and now when I modify a link i get so may errors like this but I am able to add links except when I modify them I get a long list of errors starting with this

A fatal error has occured:
Can't call method "fetchrow" on an undefined value at /myrootpath/cgi-bin/admin/Links/Table/Links.pm line 235.
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Re: [Abusaki] Fatal Error after deleting some columns In reply to
You can't delete that field... as its required by LSQL :/

Try re-adding it , add see what it comes up with then (otherwise, you may want to try and upgrade... and see if that fixes it).


Andy (mod)
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