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Expire / demote links without emailing owner

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Expire / demote links without emailing owner

I don't have payments enabled as I use an off-site processor, but would still like to use the link expiry feature for the latest incarnation of Qango (http://www.qango.com/dir2006/).

I don't want owners emailed, but would like to demote selected sites after 12 months at the top of a category.

I have my own custom field to define top/bottom of category position -> isTop (1[top], 2[unused], 3[bottom]). After 12 months I'd like the isTop field changed from 1 to 3.

Any ideas on how I can achieve this with the built-in expiry features of Glinks would be appreciated Smile

Alternatives also welcome, provided they can be cron'd and run on autopilot, or run automatically each time I build the directory Wink

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Re: [qango] Expire / demote links without emailing owner In reply to
The e-mails that go out for expired/expiring links only get sent if you set up the cronjob to do so. If you don't set it up, then they won't get sent.