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Expand Admin Category List

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Expand Admin Category List
Hi there,

I have approx. 4400 categories, so I need to expand the text box displaying a list of the categories.
This is in Admin, Database, Editor, Links, Modify.

Where would I find the template / code which changes the current default of 5 lines to more?

I have db_category_gen_list set to "on" as I really hate being forced to use the admin browser option when I have a link in many categories.

Maybe there is a better way?
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Re: [Piers1] Expand Admin Category List In reply to
This only took about three hours of searching but....

Edit the following file: cgi-bin/Links/HTML/Links.pm

find the following;

sub get_all_categories {

Edit the number in the following line to change the number of categories displayed;

my $mult = shift || 5;