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Editor Monitor, User Monitor etc

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Editor Monitor, User Monitor etc
If you wish to purchase these plugins, please do not send money to PayPal, as I no longer have a PayPal account. You can contact me here securely with your credit card details:



purchase securly here:

https://www.iuni.com/en/purchase.php (see section regarding links sql plugins near the top of the page).

Further more, I am offering all of these plugins (the rights to the code and any future proceeds from them) for sale.

Please contact me for details at https://www.iuni.com/en/contact.php. (do not post here, as I won't reply)


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Ian: Sep 18, 2006, 9:51 AM
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Re: [Ian] Editor Monitor, User Monitor etc In reply to
EditorMonitor don't work well:

Dynamic Setup Detected - uppath=/Users/ianmcg/Sites

A fatal error has occured:
mkdir: /Users/ianmcg/Sites/editors (No such file or directory) at /var/www/vhosts/xxxx.xxxxx.it/cgi-bin/glinks/admin/Plugins/EditorMonitor.pm line 1321.

And the reply when I asked help to iUni was:
2) The product is without any support or warranty of any kind.
This is the first time, who happen this...
Thanks Ian