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Does anyone remember.........

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Does anyone remember.........
Theres a free sctript out there that can be used to call external pages, it's very very simple, just something like youdomain.tld/goto.cgi?page=pagename and it would take you to that page. I have no objections to copy out a basic page like the login pages source code, and just remove hte login bit and insert my own content if I can get a script to be able to call it up. I know about th eplugin thats available, but to be quite honest, I dont keep money in the bank anymore after hte IRS put a writ on my account an dtook all of my savings away, so my moneys burried in the yard amongst other places so I cant buy th eplugings, and the plugin that calls external pages does way more then I need it to do. I guess I'll have to just put links to static pages on the home paage until I can find that script. If anyone thinks of what it is called or where it is found, please let me know. IM not knocking anyone, but I've already spent I think it was over $400.00 for links 2.0 and ot keep spending $10 dollars here and $75.00 there for plugins is going to add up way too fast..

Truthrully I think that Alex should have made it so that plugins can not be sold at all, and must come with a GPL or whatever license, it' s already pretty stagnant with any new plugins for Glinks anyway, put together something on sourceforge and let a collective of Glinks plugin writters get together and put together some really nice stuff.

Sorry, I stepped on my soapbox there for a moment. Anyway, if anyone know where I can find the original page calling script for free please let me know.