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Different Category Templates Mod

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Different Category Templates Mod
In http://gossamer-threads.com/...flat&post=107842

is decribed, but I do not find the section in nph-build,cgi:# Get the category info.
%OUT = (); # Start with a clean hash.
$OUT{category_id} = $category_r->{'ID'};
$OUT{category_name} = $category_r->{'Name'};
$OUT{header} = $category_r->{'Header'};
$OUT{footer} = $category_r->{'Footer'};
$OUT{meta_name} = $category_r->{'Meta_Description'};
$OUT{meta_keywords} = $category_r->{'Meta_Keywords'};
$OUT{description} = $category_r->{'Description'};
$OUT{template2} = $category_r->{'Template2'};
$OUT{random} = rand (10000);
$OUT{random1} = rand (10000);
$OUT{random2} = rand (10000);
$OUT{random3} = rand (10000);
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Re: [cwschroeder] Different Category Templates Mod In reply to

That was back in links Sql 1.x days, judging by the dates, and the use of HTML_Templates.pm

All you need to do is edit the Category record for the custom template set you want to use, and create the templates in a subdirectory. This was built in to links SQL 2.x

If that's not the issue, we'll need a better explanation of what's going on. :)

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