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Developing new session handling system

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Developing new session handling system
I'm planning to develop a new session handling system, which does more than just session handling.
I'm opening this thread, to discuss development problems & solutions of such system.

The session module should have the following features:
  • user_id = identify the user for a specified time. User_id is stored in cookie, or is passed though Post forms or by URL passing. User_id is currently known as session_id, in GT session handling.

  • transaction_id = should handle those operations separately, which are needed to store same properties in multiple copies. For example, when you upload multiple images, all of them has same properties, with different values, like width, height, filename, description, etc... So each uploaded image data is stored under a separate transaction_id.

  • click_id = should give the possibility to protect against multiple user clicks (it can be assigned to a user_id or transaction_id, so both can be protected). It has a timestamp property, and a protection_time option, so within the protection_time, we don't accept multiple clicks from the same user or transaction.

    I will post further info as the development goes.

    What do you think about this session handling system plan?
    Any comments, warnings, ideas, opinion?


    Best regards,

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