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Determining cost per link when added?

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Determining cost per link when added?
I have not used the payment system, or paid inclusion at all. I have a few questions on what I can do with it. Right now, the only two payment options I'd consider are paypal and/or Authorize.net, so the other options are not needed.

Is there a way to set the cost for adding a link when the link is added?

I'm not trying to handle all situations. The specific scenario is:

1) all links will be PAID links, of some sort.
2) links need to be paid before they are accepted/added.
3) links will not expire, once paid.
4) cost for link depends on some user options, and can be passed in as a dollar amount to add.cgi

later on, if this idea works, I might want to allow links to expire, and be renewed, but this has a few problematic features in this scenario, so for now, links do not expire, so I don't want to mangle or disable any existing hooks/features unless I have to.

I want this to be as automated as possible. By that I mean:

1) user decides they want a link on the site.
2) they enter all the pre-information, and get a dollar amount.
3) they proceed with that dollar amount, and the pre-information is sent to the add.cgi process, along with that dollar amount.
4) once the rest of the information needed for a link is added, the "add link" button is pressed, and the data verified, and the link sent to the payment system.
5) payment is accepted/denied
5a) if denied, link is not added, but set to pending (sort of like the modify/changes database) (I have the code to allow a user to re-edit, add/update and resubmit their data)
5b) if accepted, the link is added, and is set to be validated by the admin.
6) user gets a success message, and everything is right with the world.

For now, this is how I need the process to go. (Obviously, there are checks at each step to make sure the data has not been altered.)

If this is not how it works, then I'd have to re-think the process, and maybe switch to a manual process, avoiding the payment system.

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