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Delete Links Request

Anyone aware of a 'Request Delete' plugin, similar to the ClaimLink Plugin?

I imagine that Claimlink would not be all that too difficult to change to turn it into a 'request delete' option.


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Re: [Clint] Delete Links Request In reply to
If you are going to do the deletions manually, it might be easier to modify the bad_link script to do that.

If you use andy's image generation plugin to prevent spiders from triggering the code, you can probably make that work with only a minor tweak to the template.

I forget where that discussion thread left off, but you can also get away with printing out the link data on the confirmation page, and making the user re-enter the ID of the link, and checking it in the script, before processing the request. That should foil spiders and bots, without forcing a user to log in first, or use additional scripts.

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