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Delay while building
Today i remark something strange. In one of my test pages it needs almost 30 seconds till the build all starts.
I have checked the code, set a # before the backup (yes, it could be done in admin also) and watch around for things that could be happen.
But there is no function and nothing before

doing backup
# Update isNew, isCool, isPopular flags.

I tried some "print test" in the code, and i am shure that something is be done before the backup, but what this could be?

The only thing i have changed i

Maybe this line
use Links::Build; in build.cgi could need some time because i have changed something?
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Re: [Robert] Delay while building In reply to
Ok, now i tried some exits inside build.cgi and found out that the delay problem is with the category pages.
What i dont understand is why the print result from all functions before are not shown, before the build cat functions starts.

do function backup
print done
do function counters
print done
do function category
print done

when i do an exit above category, the build is finished in real time. With build cats it takes almost 20-30 seconds till the print backup done comes.

How this is possible?

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Robert: Jan 6, 2018, 7:28 AM
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Re: [Robert] Delay while building In reply to

Try enabling debugging, and then run it from SSH to see what it is doing at that point (or run from the browser, and then "tail" your error_log to see the debug output)


Andy (mod)
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