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Defying Logic!
Can someone PLEASE tell me why the following code;

# now we need to add it to the database...
my $database_connection = $DB->table("News");
$database_connection->add ( { title => $full_title,
short => $short_article,
full_article => $article,
date => $date_added,
nice_date => $todays_date
} ) or die ("Unable to add article. Reason: $GT::SQL::error");

returns the error;

A fatal error has occured:

Unable to add article. Reason: Column full cannot be left blank. at /www/site.com/cgi-bin/directory/admin/Plugins/Check.pm line 153.

Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

Its telling me I need to fill in the 'full' column, but I've double, tripple, and quadrouply checked the code, to make sure its not calling 'full' to add to, and I've also checked the table to see if there is even a 'full' column, which there isn't!!!!

This is driving me crazy! Crazy

Andy (mod)
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