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Dead Link In developer documentation: GT::SQL::Dis

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Dead Link In developer documentation: GT::SQL::Dis
Hi, I couldn;t see a spot to report this error so
hopefully GT support get to read this. In short the link
to: GT::SQL::Display::HTML is broken. I'd really like to
read this ...

regards doug

Go to:


and in the Frame select "SQL" then scroll down to the "HTML"
section and click on the link to GT::SQL::Display::HTML

("The html object uses information found in CGI to set values, etc. See GT::SQL::Display::HTML for .... ")

Pages aren't found, error is:

A fatal error has occured:
GT::Template (24842): Unable to open template file '/home/gossamer-threads/perl/links-sql2/admin/templates/help/GT/SQL/Display/HTML.html'. Reason: File does not exist. at /home/gossamer-threads/perl/links-sql2/admin/admin.cgi line 93.

Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

Content-type: text/html System Error: Callback called exit.

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Re: Dead Link In developer documentation: GT::SQL::Dis In reply to

Unfortunately that isn't written yet. =) You'll have to view by example or look at the code for now.



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