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Customer reviews ** idea
Hi Andy folks...

Using microdata these days seems like a hot topic specially for local search engine optimization / results. So on a local directory it seems like a good idea to invite people to leave some reviews with microdata involved during the process.

Andi, I know you have a plugin for customer review and I'm wondering if there's a chance to include this microdata (based on this standar: http://schema.org/Review), having a chance to moderate results from the admin, and once moderated, then just approve and displayed on the detailed page of each link.

Do you think this its possible? What are your thoughts?
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Re: [Jesus] Customer reviews ** idea In reply to

I'm not really sure what your asking for? You want a way for people to add additional info about themselves? Or just a way to use microdata tags in the reviews (when showing them on the pages)... kinda like I do here: http://www.cartoonencyclopedia.com/...Simpson_1145542.html

If so, why not just put them directly into your review_include.html template?

<div itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Review" class="review">
<div class="subject" itemprop="about"><%Review_Subject%></div>
..rest of review here, with other itemprop bits like author, etc

Andy (mod)
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