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Custom plugin
I'm in need of a few custom features with my installation of Gossamer Links that I'm using as a tube site.

The first is that I need a new section called "Channels" which basically lists all Users and each User has a page with all their videos listed. All pages would need to paginate like with categories.

There are a couple of others, but this is the most important.

Could anyone help me with this and get back to me with a quote?

Many thanks!
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Re: [anthonyweston] Custom plugin In reply to
Hi anthonyweston,

I have developed a lot of plugins based on Users table. The quote for this is US$50.

Please let me know it is still not yet done.



Programming and creating plugins and templates
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Re: [tandat] Custom plugin In reply to
Hi Dat,

Thanks for dropping me a quote.

I've had the work done now and extremely pleased.

Many thanks!